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2 and 1/2 Day Class
Housing and all meals Included
NOVEMBER 4-6, 2016 (Friday late afternoon untill Sunday evening) 
Las Vegas, NV
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During a natural disaster, incident of civil unrest, or when operating overseas, transportation is one of the more important yet often overlooked necessities. In a life or death situation, do you believe you would have the skills required to safely navigate out of a non-permissive environment? Will you and the other people in your Group be able to effectively operate from a vehicular platform? How will you handle the checkpoints along the way set up by both the good and the bad guys?

This course is rooted in the lessons learned and continuously refined during daily operations in Iraq by lead instructor, James Price, and supplemented by input from highly experienced minds in survival and combat operations. Combining a unique subset of wilderness survival, urban survival, expedition camping, team tactics, mobile/vehicle gunfighting and third world training, the Mobile Scout School will teach you the lessons normally learned the hard way by operators and contractors all over the world.

Domestically having the skills that will enable you to travel over long distances and get through almost any situation on the road is not only an appealing one, it is a necessity in today’s unsure environments. Hurricane evacuations, Civil Unrest, remote law enforcement, and just normal everyday day to day driving – the Mobile Scout School is for the individual with a prepared mindset.

In the Mobile Scout School you will learn critical skills like:

  • Fighting in and around a Vehicle (Including Force on Force Drills)
  • Lethal and non-lethal defense options when Mobile
  • Organizing your Group for going Mobile
  • Protecting you family on Mobile Operations during unrest
  • Proper Vehicle Selection
  • Equipping Your Vehicle
  • Mobile Scout Weapons
  • Mobile Operations Equipment Selection (Individual and Team)
  • Mobile Scout Medical Gear Selection
  • Team Member Designations and Roles
  • Communications and Navigation
  • Survival On The Move
  • Proper Checkpoint Protocols
  • Dealing with Vehicle Searches
  • Use of Force at Checkpoints
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Downed Teammate Recovery
  • Living on the Road
  • Securing Camp while in transit
  • Operating in Permissive, Semi- Permissive and Non-permissive Environments

Each class contains extensive live drills in and around the trucks and ends with a Force on Force Exercise test of the skills you have learned. This is a PowerPoint free class! This class is everything you need to know to effectively protect yourself, your team and your family while mobile.

The TACTICAL OVERLANDING: Mobile Scout School will run from Friday early evening until Sunday evening (Saturday and Sunday we will train hard for 12 hours a day, Friday 4 hours), you will receive approximately 28 hours of instruction. During this school you and your team will sleep outdoors with your guntrucks, just like deployed mobile scouts.

Included in the TACTICAL OVERLANDING: Mobile Scout School:

  • 3 Meals per day (Kosher Meals Available, No Additional Charge Please let us know one week in advance – Vegetarian Available, Additional charge)
  • Use of Mobile Scout guntrucks
  • Course Materials
  • transportation to and from the Airport if you are flying in
  • All Housing. No need for a hotel, we will be bivouacking with the guntrucks  just like in a real situation
  • Mobile Scout Tab Patch
  • Certificate of Graduation

Our Former Students Had This to Say About the TACTICAL OVERLANDINGMobile Scout School:

The TACTICAL OVERLANDING: Mobile Scout School I (MSS I) is a singular experience when compared to other schools. The subject matter is very unique and really doesn’t led itself to easy comparisons. It isn’t a hard-core weapons manipulation class, but you definitely get some of that. It isn’t particularly a tactics course but there is a lot of this in the course material. It is an outstanding course in human psychology, both yours and the adversary. The extensive blend of force-on-force and role-playing, as well as the use of teams really make this course shine. If you believe there is any chance that you may be called on to drive your loved ones, friends, or coworkers out of or through a potential conflict zone (either 3rd world or 1st world after a man made crisis or natural disaster) I’d heartily recommend this course as an addition to your life skills.I am very much looking forward to Mobile Scout School II in the future!

~League B.
Las Vegas

“The class had good information, and it was something that I could do even when being new to the subject. The training was difficult but not impossible, It was done in a way that will not be easily forgotten. Over all the class was excellent and under priced. I would go again in a heart beat.”

~Corry W.
Houston, Texas
MSS Class #001

DVM’s TACTICAL OVERLANDING: Mobile Scout Course may have been one of the best training evolution’s I’ve participated in. It’s a full immersion experience. Sleeping out in the desert with your team, training all day on the range it’s a weekend not to be missed. Whether you’re a security contractor, or a weekend warrior this is your course. The curriculum is relevant to anyone working mobile security or travelling by car over distance whether in a permissive or non permissive environment. The utilization of air soft weaponry was paramount to achieving an intensified yet safe and realistic training environment. I was skeptical at first because of my live fire training background, however any hang ups quickly fade away as utilizing the air soft allowed us to safely replicate the stressors and stimuli of the real world, both planned and unplanned all while keeping safety a priority. I’m glad I had the opportunity to my Mobile Scout tab. I can’t wait to come back next year!

~Justin G.
VIP/executive officer
Las Vegas
MSS Class #003


  • Knowledge of proper firearm handling and safety
  • Physical condition conducive to physical activity
  • An interest in bettering yourself

Note: This will not be a live fire class, we use airsoft for our force on force. When you learn something like Mobile Team Tactics, you are learning a skill, not how to shoot. For this skill-set you should already know how to shoot, then we will teach you a trade that has been upheld from WWII to the Iraq War. If you are looking to blow off a ton of rounds while screaming “COVER ME LADS!” there are several schools out there to choose from that do that. This is not one of them.

Packing List:

  • Standard Tactical Equipment
  • Rig (or war belt) with magazine pouches, rifle sling, pistol holster
  • Body Armor (optional)
  • Individual First Aid Kit
  • Airsoft Rifle and Pistol (if you own one)
  • Fixed Blade Knife
  • Sleeping Bag and Cot
  • Tarp
  • 1 man Tent (optional but recommended)
  • Cot 
  • Backpack
  • Tan or Coyote Pants
  • 3 Red T-shirts
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Flip Flops
  • Headlamp and Handheld flashlight
  • Canteen or bladder
  • Plastic or metal plate and eating utensils
  • Baby Wipes
  • Insect Repellent (3M Ultrathon or other 95%+ DEET)
  • Sunscreen
  • One pair Shorts and swimming trunks
  • Large Towel
  • Eye Protection
  • Shemagh
  • Gloves
  • Snacks

Each class is limited to 9 students to allow us to focus on quality one-on-one instruction. 


2 and 1/2 Day Class - Friday late afternoon to Sunday Evening
Housing and Chow Included