Kurdish Peshmerga Support  
December 2014 – March 2015


Mission After Action Report as told by James Price:

The DVM Support Mission to Iraq Kurdistan to provide medical aid to the Kurdish Peshmerga is a success. DVM founder James Price enlisted in the KRG Peshmerga Forces and joined them on the front lines along with several other American Volunteers joining him. 

The Kurdish Peshmerga are the only military force defending and rescuing the Christians and those driven from their homes in Iraq who are now Internally Displaced due to the genocide against religious minorities in Northern Iraq. 

DVM provided medical aid and mentoring to the Peshmerga units fighting on the front lines outside of Mosul. The team fully stocked a Peshmerga Field Hospital that previously had only one box of supplies. At the completion of the mission, they had enough medical equipment to last them for months. DVM was proud to provide medical supplies in support of the Kurdish Peshmerga’s fight against ISIS. 

We were humbled by these brave men and women who are selfishly defending the innocent. Thank you all for your generous donations that made this mission possible.

NOTE: We apologize for the lack of photos, but due to security concerns we could only approve a few pictures for public distribution