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DVM's Typhoon Haiyan Relief Mission to Guintarcan Island in the Philippine was a huge success, we were able to help allot of people in need due to your support. DVM was joined by the men and women from Camp Red (a Philippines Wilderness Group in Cebu), this mission could not have been completed without their help. 

DVM would also like to thank all the people from the DVM Facebook groups who donated the money to buy a much-needed chainsaw to clear fallen trees on Guintarcan Island.

We would like to thank Mr. Brett Greene for donating a substantial amount of the funds for this mission. People in the Philippines were amazed when I told them one American gave all of the money one of our missions to the island, several people here were so deeply moved by this gift they were left speechless. Your generosity helped change lives, Brett. Thank you.

Here is a brief summary of what we accomplished on this mission:

-Food to 341 People
-Water Proofing Sealant to 75 Families
Tin roofing that was torn from homes is being reused but most are torn or have holes punched in them. The Sealant will seal the holes and is used to bond tarps together.

-Tarps to 80 Families
Tarps are used to make tents and to temporally replace roofs that were blown off, they are one of the most needed items. Tarps are sold out in every store on the mainland, but one of our local assets were able to source 80 tarps from one dealer. A High School alumni association who we provided secure transportation for was able to bring more tarps that were given to the island school and church.

-Water to 75 Families
This island does not have any water sources outside of collecting rainwater so the need for drinking water was great. HASF brought One Ton of bottled water that was distributed to 75 Families. We were especially proud of this, especially considering we brought the water over by boat. The boat sat way low on the water due to the weight, was a bit scary at times (and wet) but we got the water across without incident.

-Umbrella Nails to 85 Families
Umbrella Nails were needed to secure the tarps and reused tin roofing down. Over 50 kilos of Umbrella Nails were distributed

-Soap to 80 Families
Hygiene is a problem as all the soap the islanders had was washed away or contaminated. We bought a type of multiuse bar soap that can be used for washing dishes, personal hygiene, washing clothing and general cleaning.

-Cleared fallen trees and debris, cut lumber from trees with our chainsaw (lost count) 

The HASF Team cut downed coconut trees into lumber, firewood or manageable lengths the Islanders could utilize without the need for a chainsaw. At the time our chainsaw was the only working one on the island. We found out there was one other chainsaw but they did not have oil or fuel so we gave our remaining oil and fuel to them.

We are planning a follow-up sustainability mission to Guintarcan Island in the future.