This was the most practical tactical class I've ever taken. It's solved two big issues I've had with classes in the past. The first big thing was ease of remembering 90% of the material.  I'd finish a class pumped only to forget most of it quickly. This stuff was brain dead simple, easy to implement in a home training regiment, and highly effective.  The second issue I've had with class in the past were the one-on-one-sole shooter perspective.  I'm often with other people--most of them not trained. So in a high stakes situation I had no idea how to deal with and protect these people. Now I do. Plus, this is stuff I can take home and practice with my fiancee easily. In full disclosure: James and I are friends. But had this stunk, I would have told him to stop teaching it. Instead, I told him to get off his butt and make this class available to more people--not just guys like me "on the inside".

Aaron Frankel

Co-Founder In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast

Want to get your wife on board with self-defense? Get her to go to DVM’s Domestic Protector class. My wife and I took the class last time DVM Training Center's Mobile Training Team came through Houston and I highly recommend it. I’ve taken plenty of courses but this one stood out. It forces you to look at the security of your home, how aware you really are out in the real world and debunks some common myths spouted off all over the internet by keyboard commandos. Great class, great price and great instruction. Highly recommended.

John T.


Of all the defensive training I've had over the years, the instruction I received through DVM Training Center has by far been the most valuable. The information is relevant, the instructors are top-notch, and the active drills are unlike anything else. The overall value of the class is extraordinary. Although the Domestic Protector course is a fantastic training opportunity for couples, as a single woman, I still gained from it. It covered many tactics overlooked by other schools, and was taught in such a way that I truly retained what I learned and was able to begin putting the techniques into practice the very same day. Training is vital, and this is some of the best. I highly recommend DVM courses to any level of student, and I look forward to more courses in the future.

Alana Barfield

Reality T.V. Actress

 My husband really wanted me to take the class.  I was a bit skeptical but after spending the day in class I was very happy I took it. It completely changed how aware I am when out in public, especially with my children. Getting to shove my husband around and throw him into a car wasn't bad either!  I highly recommend this class.

Danielle T.