Buildings gutted, cars burning in the streets as lifeless bodies are gnawed at by packs of feral dogs… Zombies, roving bands of motorcycle gangs, cannibals, shotgun-armed Bubbas, and jack-booted thugs.

Take your end of the world pick of popular narratives roaming the public consciousness. It seems we are all worried about a collapse of society, the economy, or the institution of some sort nefarious destruction of culture.

… and why not, Western influence is being tested, banks and wall street are upside down, and larger conflicts and war loom over the use of limited resources and clashes of civilizations that have occurred century after century.

We find ourselves buried under uncertainties as we hurtle forward towards an uncertain future:


But instead of fearing events, or directly preparing for the day when the rule of law is tested and being part of the steady march and typical rally cry to the most popular political banner of the day screaming for independence or controls, I want to focus on a few other points of view; less of the tactical side to preparedness and more of a strategic viewpoint in a more DVM fashion.

LOOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITY, IT’S THERE - Examine your lifestyle.

Set the XBOX control down long enough to come up for air and check out what’s happening. The job market is tight, but you don’t have to just give up and accept the welfare check like many that SEE NO OTHER OPTIONS.

Even in collapsing economies and in societies under stress you can thrive. Be resilient! Instead of wasting time in front of the idiot box, learn a new skill or trade that’s useful and can make you some earnings.

Do shit that you think is beneath you – wait tables, work in a kitchen, garden, or pull a shift as a night watchman. Look at the subtleties of commerce and market in your community and find a product or skill people need or value and capitalize on it.

These are things you should have been doing all along, but walked away from in some form or another because of being too ‘busy’ with ordinary life, comfort, convenience and became too trusting in government ‘solutions.’

It’s my guess, but I bet those around you or even you have in many ways become dependant on a model of the world that points to a normalcy bias that tomorrow will be just as chill as today and yesterday. Most of the time you’re right, life is fairly straightforward, but when shit changes?

Wake up; focus. Create your opportunities and forge a future regardless of the artificial world order or disorder you find yourself in. A collapsing economy will balance itself at some point, people still are dependent on commerce and a market will grow again for luxuries and comfort items, as well as necessities.

You see – with the right attitude to seize opportunity you can beat any downturn or collapse. It’s an opportunity not the end.

So, quit crying about the end of the world and do something. Be productive. Hard times come, but you can be harder by working with what you have – intellect, cunning, and personal vision.

Remember, the Soviet Union collapsed, but didn’t disappear. Argentina economically collapsed and reformed as well. Read some pages penned by Ferfal or Dimitry Orlov. Shit gets bad, but a resilience surfaces. Such as it is, profit from disaster where you can.


At the moment, fuel is still affordable, the electric bill isn’t outrageous, and the sewage plant in your local town still churns round and round, but the services we are used to today may come up short or not function for periods of time in an uncertain future in the West. Does this mean you stop living, board up the front door and do a round count as you pull the shotgun out of the closet? NO. The zombies aren’t outside just yet…

There is no doubt in my mind that the West has had a cultural collapse already. Plainly put, we didn’t value what granddad knew nor did we learn from him before he died because the things he knew were old fashioned and unnecessary in the ‘new’ utopia that was being built up around us.

Sound familiar? We stopped handing down hard-earned traditions, and instead picked up a video game control instead.

Well, in a society suffering setbacks, old skills suddenly find their use again and we realize granddaddy wasn’t so strange. Few of us took the time to learn from the ‘remnant’ the useful and practical skills from a daily life and past setting that wasn’t based on a land of conveniences and imports.

If you’re smart, you’ll start to rekindle an interest in do-it-yourself projects, and activities that make you less dependent on the system. This has always been a practical thing to pursue, but few truly have. Get out there, save yourself some cash, and invest in yourself and accomplish some things you’ve paid others to do for you.

Change the things you can, be self-reliant, and adapt by exercising independence. Learn that there are even lessons and advantages hidden in failure and drive on!

Don’t prepare for falling off the end of the world, but make no mistake that things can and very well may get nasty; prepare to live well no matter the uncertainty. Simply, learn to thrive.


We just don’t connect anymore. Sounds funny to say that in the era of facebook and all the social communications devices we have, but really… Do you know who your neighbors are? I am not talking about the FBI agent posing as the girl next door either. True wealth consists of more than just the change in your pocket, your relationships are a bedrock for surviving tough times.

Develop a network and community that suits your needs and lifestyle and realize that your connections with others are extremely valuable in tough times.

As well, we’ve not only lost sight of what it means to be a part of a local community, but we’ve also lost a sense of what it is to be apex predators. In the West, life and death don’t assail us in any frequency that it doesn’t paralyze or offend us when we are confronted by our visceral and animal selves.

This is a serious weakness. In hard times, violence tends to be a fixture to have to contend with. Personal conflict moves from just being a possibility to a probability though uncommon when folks end up short.

Death and violence are things that happen ‘over there,’ but may become things that happen ‘right here.’ If we continue to stay aliens from each other as our communities are tested by hardship and the possible disorder that can accompany it, then we’ll see unrest even in smaller communities.

Accept the fact that violence is a part of the human condition and instead of avoiding it, learn to manage it. Sort out your personal security needs and get on with it.

Here are some further tips that might help you though tough times as the West continues to lose trajectory and influence abroad and your lifestyle adjusts to a new ‘normal.’


- Do you really need ‘that’? Quit buying stupid shit and get your priorities straight.

- Don’t get scammed. People peddle fear as a product and take advantage of the innocent and needy all the time.

- Quit grazing with the sheep and take a look around. The ‘news’ outlets of today are little more than propaganda machines; check and verify everything.

- Quit living pay check to paycheck. Pay off your damn debts. You’ll be swallowed by outstanding amounts and poor planning otherwise. It’s called being poor. Don’t be this dumb as fuck.

- Realize it is a rat race. You are in competition ALL the time. Choose your hunting pack carefully and watch out for sharks. They’ll smell the blood you leave in the water and exploit your weaknesses.

- You’re gonna’ come up short some times. Be ready to redouble your efforts, size up your problems, and change direction if need be.

- Find a use for everything. Your ‘trash’ is never trash. It’s a resource.

- All your ‘selves’ have to survive. your mental self, physical self, spiritual self, and legal self are all on the line, always. Plan accordingly.

- Have fun. Shit is never too serious that you shouldn’t have a reasonable outlet. At DVM, This could wind up to mean many things…

So, add to the list above, and realize that the world is not melting away in a global warming disaster or meteor shower. Shit’s tough and getting tougher, but nothing a DVM profiteer can’t handle.


~Bubba G Editor at Large


Bubba G is an active protective professional presently performing contract duties in the Middle East and has well over 15 years of military, high risk contracting, international training and martial arts experience.