No need for crying here – just move on

How often do things ever go PERFECTLY in a venture? Rare, if ever, right? Do you know we can learn from f-ing up? We can learn A TON The chaos, friction, and the most assured probability of mistakes being made in the Red Zone is a tremendous learning opportunity if you survive it. Your first order of business is to always fight through whatever gaffe takes place. This is not as easy as it sounds on paper. Seemingly simple matters tend to become wildly complex in the field. Too many contractors and adventurists tend to dwell on the mistake in front of them and lose the immediacy demanded in combat or crisis to recover in swift fashion.

They dwell on the ‘oh shit’ moment too long giving a decided advantage to their adversaries. This negative distraction and self talk invites disaster. To combat this tendency to dwell on fuck-ups, reinforce your combat mindset with positive self talk, and then let your training and rehearsals kick in and FIGHT! Develop the Fuck-it-drive-on (FIDO) mentality the Special Forces community leans on so heavily to their credit. If you’ve ever seen someone confused and hesitating in the face of the events occurring before them, you are witnessing a fuck-up. DON’T BE ‘THAT GUY.’ Once you’ve survived the foible in one piece and get to a safe location, perform an after action review (AAR) and make the fuck-up you’ve experienced a learning tool. This is the second and crucial order of business you cannot overlook. Make the AAR a standard part of your operating model, and capitalize on the fuck-ups you encounter, and move on. This is an important point. Recognize the fuck-up, review it, and MOVE ON. If you or your team members form opinions and hard feelings over an event, you’ll become dysfunctional as a group and your ability to handle the next set of fuck-ups (which WILL occur) will be hampered by poor opinions, second guessing, and general malaise. Don’t be the weak link. Keep a useful perspective of events and be ready to handle fuck-ups like a professional. There are no second shots to get it right in the field. We play the cards we are dealt well or pay for it otherwise. Keep sharp and keep your OODA LOOP movin’! Read All Survival Mindset Articles | Read All Articles by Bubba M. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Bubba G Editor at Large Bubba G. is an active protective professional presently performing contract duties in the Middle East and has well over 15 years of military, high risk contracting, international training and martial arts experience.