HEALTH and FITNESS: Survival of the Fittest


  Welcome to the gym in Fuckanistan

A large part of the audience here at DVM consists of individuals that are in positions requiring physical and mental preparedness for the rigors of dangerous situations. Often times in any aspect of life, fitness is dismissed from the daily regiment. Whether it be an issue of time or lack of equipment, fitness will often get tabled for the Xbox.

You may be located at various ports of call that may not have the traditional gym environment to work on a max bench press or a new personal record of treadmill. I am hear to tell you that your fitness does not require that type of pursuit.

I am a big believer that the best piece of fitness equipment is what nature gave all of us; our own bodies. That said, fitness pursuits do not require an equipment-laden, lycra-uniformed mega-gym (i.e. Bally’s and the like).

You only need a pair of sweats, a Tshirt, sneakers (preferably Nike [sorry, shameless product plug]), and you own imagination as far as the types of body weight exercises you can perform.

Over the coming months, I will be providing articles that will outline exercises, workout formats, and fitness applications for this very unique audience. It will focus on the many areas of fitness to include combat conditioning, interval training, functional strength, high intensity cardiovascular training, and circuit training.

In almost all of these cases, the only requirement will be time, a little bit of space, and your own physical self. An iPod with your favorite music ripping through your ears will help as well.

I hope to help take the guess work out of this for you by introducing you to a number of exercises and formats that will be brutal yet brief and beneficial in ways to keep you tip top for the challenges of the various duties you undertake.

If you are unsure about your present fitness level, seek the advice of a physician or other health care professional to ensure your ability to pursue an exercise regiment.

To get the ball rolling, let’s start here.


4 Rotations: - 25 Push Ups - 25 Crunches - 25 Body weight Squats - 50 yard Sprint 1 Minute Rest between each rotation


5 Rotations: - 50 Push Ups - 50 Crunches - 50 Body weight Squats - 100 yard Sprint 30 Seconds Rest between each rotation

Happy New Year, DVM Nation! Now go tear it up!


~Paul Zelinka Chief Martial Arts Industry Correspondent

Paul Zelinka, is the owner of Titan Fitness & Martial Arts, a MMA, boxing, and fitness business located in State College, PA. Paul has been involved in the martial arts business since 1993.