TACTICAL GEAR: Flight and Fight Tactical Blackjack Battery Brick


Packing for another romp in the 3rd world

When you pull over at a Hajji Shop in Iraq and you walk through the isles past the cans of fly-covered baklava, dusty cans of corned beef and Gauloise Smokes what is the one thing you can not buy?

CR123 Batteries

And not just in Iraq, I once drove around for 3 hours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia looking for CR123’s before I finally found some in a camera shop for the astounding price of 16 bucks a pop!

After going through all the Bullshit of having to order CR123’s in bulk and paying 150 bucks to ship them, trading bottles of Jack D with force protection guards and wasting time trying to track down a shop in Stabyouinthefaceistan just to get raped at the cash register I had enough. So I decided to replace all the disposable battery powered kit I used with AA and AAA powered kit.

But that created another problem, off-brand batteries in the 3rd world are mostly shit Chinese batteries that have 1/5th the charge that US batteries have, so to make up for using commie batteries I had to pack a shit-load of batteries before every mission.

And enter the next problem, I would end up with a huge pile of loose batteries spread all over the bottom of my mission bag (I would take them out of the package so I would not have to fuck around with cutting a battery package open while trying to watch the road).

Solution: Enter the guys over at Flight and Fight Tactical

I figured I needed a way to carry a grip of AA and AAA batteries lined up beside each other (so I could keep count visually) in some sort of pouch that would not dump all the batteries out if it was banged around in my mission bag or tossed on the floor of my guntruck.

I looked around but I could not find anything currently made to fit that bill so I threw a shot out on my Facebook to see if anyone knew of a pouch like that. Less than an hour after I threw the post out on my wall Flight and Fight Tactical said they could work it out for me.

And a few hours after that, BAM, they posted a picture of the perfect solution to what I needed, yep – in a couple of hours they sketched up an idea, sewed it up and had it GTG. That sort of professionalism and hard work could have only come from an American company, straight-up fucking outstanding.

Blackjack Battery Brick
Blackjack Battery Brick

The Flight and Fight Tactical AAA Blackjack Battery Brick (avert your eyes to the Satan of all camouflage)

The Flight and Fight Tactical Blackjack Battery Brick is exactly what it sounds like, it holds 21 AA or AAA Batteries in a clever design that folds up three times on itself into a compact ‘brick-like’ package. And each fold and flap secures the last preventing the next row of batteries from falling out even if you leave a fold open.

This is just an ingenious design to a problem that pretty much everyone who uses batteries has. I even got one for my mom and pops so they can stop having a drawer filled of paperclips and loose batteries that sounds like pool hall every time they open it.

And to top things off Flight and Fight Tactical sells these bad-boys in your choice of ACU, Multicam, Coyote, Foliage Green, OD Green and Black for only 23.95. This is a hand sewn USA made nylon product for a few bucks more than a DVD.

I have been using my Blackjack Battery Brick for six months now and it still looks brand new, the stitching is solid and the 1000D Cordura is holding up great. If you use AA, AAA, CR123 and Coin Cell Batteries (and who doesn’t?) then grab a few Blackjack Battery Bricks from Flight and Fight Tactical and throw one in you go bag, the cheap price is a steal for a USA handmade piece of nylon gear.

Flight and Fight Tactical
Flight and Fight Tactical

Flight and Fight Blackjack Battery Brick Available in ACU, Multicam, Coyote, Foliage Green, OD Green and Black Made in the USA 23.95

AA (21 AA) >>>

AAA (21 AAA) >>>

COMBO (7 AA's, 8 AAA's, 4 CR123's and 2 coin cell batteries) >>>


~James G Founder – Editor in Chief DVM


James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Southeast Asia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and eating rotten baklava