US Palm AKMP AK Mag shingles
US Palm AKMP AK Mag shingles

One of the biggest voids in the Tactical Gear market is AK Specific magazine pouches that fit the unique shape of the AK magazine properly. It seems like every gear manufacturer just doubles the size of whatever M-4 mag pouch they sell and market it as an AK mag pouch.

I have tried a bunch of different brands of AK mag pouches and I have never been 100% satisfied. They are either too big, not big enough, the mag is positioned awkwardly, the flap or bungee doesn’t fit right or they are not properly shaped for the unique curvature of AK mags.

So far the only AK mag pouches that I have been impressed with were the ones that US Palm integrated onto their AK Attack Rack. Unfortunately at the time US Palm did not offer them separately. I actually liked them so much I considered cutting the AK mag pouches off my Attack Rack and DIY’ing them into separate pouches.

Luckily I never had to resort to such radical means to have some solid AK mag pouches for my rig. Back a couple of months ago US Palm started making the same style of AK Mag Shingles they were using on their AK Attack Rack, but as separate MOLLE pouches/shingles.

I was standing by with enthusiasm when I found that out because in my new gig in Iraq I am humping the AK about 80% of the time and I still didn’t have decent AK mag pouches for my rig.

The US PALM AKMP Shingles come in Single, Double or triple Racks in a verity of colors from the evilest of all camos Multicam to solid colors like Ranger Green, Coyote and Black [good on US Palm for making them in Black, not enough nylon gear comes in black these days]. And just like the AK Attack Rack these shingles are made of durable yet lightweight 500D Cordura, and are a US made fully Berry Complaint product.

The mags are held in place with Bungee cord locks that are fully adjustable [just untie and re-position] and a little Velcro spot for patches. I especially like the MOLLE attachments US Palm is using; they are flexible and make for easy and secure mounting [so no more fighting with plastic MOLLE clips].

Over about a month long period I field tested my double shingle US PALM AKMP shingles here in Iraq. I was lucky that they arrived right before a major AK training push my team was assigned to because I was able to test them during a month long intensive schedule where I was inserting and withdrawing AK Mags every few minutes for 8 to 10 hours a day for up to six days a week.

US Palm AKMP Double AK Mag Shingles on a Warlord V-4 New Version
US Palm AKMP Double AK Mag Shingles on a Warlord V-4 New Version

If these shingles were ever going to fail it would be during this because I stuffed and pulled AK mags out of the AKMP shingles literally hundreds of times in each shingle during this 27 day field testing period. Additionally I was laying down prone rubbing these into the sand and concrete with all of my body weight, body armor and tons of other kit on. I also ended up going on 3 missions and conducting an AK demonstration for the US Army wearing the AKMP shingles during the same time period.

That sort of use is easily the equivalent of damn near a year for most users and honestly I was a bit worried about putting that much hurt in that short a time period on a brand new product. But I figured “sink or swim baby, I will give these puppies a no holds barred Old School Man review” [I also didn’t have a choice cause I gave away my BH AK pouches when I got these in].

I like the folks at US Palm – they are good peoples, but hey, if they are going to market a product like this to Civilian Contractors and other folks who make their living pulling triggers then you have to play by Big Boy Rules.

So after close to a month of using and abusing my AKMP shingles teaching over 200 hours of AK training, running a few missions, putting on a dog and pony show for the Army and just generally abusing the fuck out of them they preformed and held up flawlessly showing little to no wear and tear and with zero functionality issues.

US Palm AKMP Double AK Mag Shingles
US Palm AKMP Double AK Mag Shingles

These are a solid and no bull-shit AK Mag shingles, after dishing every type of abuse on these outside of catching them on fire; I do not have a single bad thing to say about the US Palm AKMP shingles. The Mag draw is smooth as silk with no snag and requires learning minimal new muscle memory. The Bungee is well-placed and slips over the mag easily even when manipulating them from an awkward angle.

The only improvement to these shingles I could possibly think of is making a version that was double-stacked with a flap cover [basically turning them into pouches] for guys like me who sometimes carry 12 mags at a time. And I don’t really see the use in having Velcro on the side but no big deal; I am just going to cut them off. But for side by side AK Mag shingles these can’t be beat, period.

I practically never Dick-Ride a product like this but the US Palm AKMP is a kick-ass AK Mag shingle and is by far the best AK mag pouch/shingle I have ever used. And add the fact they are made in the US of A pretty much seals the deal for me on these.

US PalmAKMP AK Magazine MOLLE Shingles 1,2,3 cell Single – 29.95 Double – 39.95 Triple – 59.95

Team DVM Field Tested, Official Issue and Highly Recommended


~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and Slapping AK Mags and Eating Crabs. James G. on FACEBOOK