OLD SCHOOL MAN: The “Man to Man Talk”


Last week I was talking with an old buddy of mine, I’ve known him from way back in the day when we were in high school. And in our 20’s we both lived in the D.C. area at the same time, back then he was a squared-away dude – cash in his pocket, bunch of gals calling him and a nice future in finance ahead of him.

Well over the past 7 years he has managed to make just about every stupid ass mistake one could make: Bad financial decisions, poor choices in women, fucking-up his career to the point of no return and borrowing money from everyone and their mother. Basically if there was something in his life that was good he fucked it up in spades.

Now I understand that some people just fall on hard times at no fault of their own – but my buddy’s misfortune is 100% self inflected. Every bad thing that has happened to him is a result of him not using common sense or listening to his friends. All of this could have been avoided if he just took his pride and put it in his pocket along with simply not doing stupid shit.

And like I said, this guy is a great dude, a total stand-up brother who used to be a really sharp arrow with a great future lined up for him. At one time I considered him to be one of the few people that I could rely on always as a loyal OSM friend. One of those buddies you could call up at 3AM and ask for help no questions asked.

Anyway – When he called me up a week ago asking for another loan I decided for his own good that I should have a “Man to Man Talk” with him.


So I laid into him and read him the riot act – I basically told him that he was a fuck-up now, that he went from being a pimp-ass Jr. Executive with a fat bank account and gals lined up at his door to a straight up fucking looser. And it was his entire fault because he is now stupid or something.

And if he didn’t start listening to his friends and gain some of his own fucking common sense he was going to end up one of those friends that people stop returning calls from because you know there loser-ass was going to ask for a loan that they were never going to pay back.

Now I didn’t say this to be mean – but he is a man so I didn’t feel the need to baby him anymore. Actually I felt it would be more of an insult to him if I talked to him like he was a pussy or something.

Well I guess he didn’t feel that way because he took it all wrong and got his panties in a wad about it. I was like “you want me to talk to you like one of those insecure cubicle slave douchebags we used to make fun of? You are a grown-ass man, if you want me to talk to you like a sensitive 12 year old girl then fuck bro, you are talking to the wrong fucking friend.”

“I am the only guy from our old crew that is willing to give you a man to man like this – everyone else is just being quiet while you flush your life down the shitter. Seeing you this way straight-up makes me embarrassed for you – we used to be mad pimps together back in the dot-com days picking up models at embassy parties in D.C. and drinking Cristal in clubs. Now you are 36 and flat ass broke and one unemployment check from living on the streets - get your fucking shit together bro.”

After that he really lost it and went off on a rant about how “I” changed and how I owed him blah, blah, blah… and hung up. Well dude, sorry for talking to you like a man, my bad.

RIP to the “Man to Man Talk” in America…

I have actually been seeing this pattern with many “men” these days; they can’t take any sort of advice or criticism without getting all fucking insecure about it. I always have to watch the way I talk to some of my buddies because if you actually tell them your honest opinion they get all insulted and shit.

It seems like talking straight-up and honest to another man these days is the male equivalent to telling a woman that her ass really does look fat as fuck in those jeans.

I think this is a combination of so many men growing up with a single mom, the general Pussifacation of men by the media and political correctness and the fact that so many men have never had a job where they get their hands dirty.

One of the biggest influences in my life was my Old School grandfather who was a WWII vet [volunteered] who used to always give it to people “Straight-Up”. Think Walt Kowalski but more pimp.

If I was fucking up in school he would say “Stop fucking up in school boy” – not “how are you feeling about school”. If someone was acting like an ass in a restaurant cursing around kids he would get up and go over to their table and say “Stop acting like an ass cursing around women and children boy”.

I also remember the way he would talk to his friends, always honest and never sugar coated. If he had something to say to another man he would just say it to them, he didn’t have to think how to phrase it in a way that would not hurt another man’s feelings or something fruity like that.

If one of his friends or another man in the family was fucking up or annoying him he would tell them they were stupid and point to the door. That was just the way he was, an Old School Man that would never insult his male friends by talking to them like a girl.

But these days if you dare say the truth to some men they act like you insulted their mom or something. We have somehow devolved into this “sensitive man” society where it is somehow rude to pull a buddy to the side for a man to man talk.

I honestly think if all men would bring back to the tradition of the Man to Man Talk you would see a 90% reduction in men repeatedly fucking up their lives.


~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and telling it how it is. James G. on FACEBOOK