TACTICAL CLOTHING – FIELD TESTED: LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants


No matter how much I loathe tactical clothing it is something that is a part of my daily life, especially considering my occupation as a Security Contractor in Iraq. I remember getting a big box of 5.11’s on my first gig in Iraq and thinking “cool, free Tactical Clothing for James G.

And after a week of dealing with the saggy ass, flat leg pockets that were just small enough that nothing really fit in them, the “grandpa height” waistband that rode half way up your stomach and the tons of metal hardware that sets off every other airport metal detector I was pretty much sick of 5.11’s.

But at that time I really didn’t have any other option outside of buying pricey climbing gear pants like North Face, and being the cheap type that idea passed in and out of my mind in like 3 seconds.

Fast forward a few years and the Tactical Clothing market was flooded with Tacticool pants… At prices that would make you piss your ill-fitting 5.11’s. So I was pretty much content with wearing issued Tactical Pants that even had my grandfather making fun of me because they rode too high.

Ahhh… but then the Tactical Fairy came and visited me one night right before my latest gig in Iraq and stuffed a pair of LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants under my pillow.

I tell ya, it only took a week of wearing them for me to give away all but one pair of my 5.11’s [got to have something to wear on laundry day] and replace all of my work Tactical pants with LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

These pants have every feature that an active Security Operator working in War Zones would need. Diamond Gusset Crotch [great if you have a big package], Double Fabric on the Knees and Ass, fits riggers belts like a glove, a lower leg pocket on each leg right around the calf [I keep my smokes in them] and are tough as nails.

Some of my favorite features are:

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants
LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

The Cargo Pockets are my favorite part of the Tactical Operator pants, first off they are Gusseted Cargo Pockets so you can stuff tons of junk into them. One of the biggest problems with other Tactical pants is the pockets are sewed down so tight you can barely put a notepad and a pack of smokes in them before they are too tight to fit anything else.

The LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants also have two inner pockets inside that are extremely handy if you carry around a lot of smaller loose items like I do. Surefire flashlights, pistol magazines, smokes, pens and cameras fit perfectly and leave the remainder of the pocket free and uncluttered for other stuff.

The cargo pockets are also slanted so you don’t have to do the “stand on one foot with half your ass off the seat in the car” mambo whenever you need to grab something inside. They are secured down solidly with 2 wide strips of Velcro that will stay shut even at an all-out sprint with the pockets stuffed to the brim.

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants
LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

Finally front pockets that are actually useful, unlike that “other” brand of tactical pants when you put something inside of them you don’t end up crushing your balls every time you sit down. You know what I am talking about if you have ever put a pistol mag or Nokia phone in the front pocket of 5.11’s and abruptly sat down.

I also like that they are about 1/3 deeper than the front pockets on other brands of tactical pants. The front slit pockets do not have a Velcro flap like in 5.11’s, which makes it easy to take thing in and out without fumbling around.

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants
LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

I am sort of old school when it comes to things like zippers, generally I like metal zippers but after getting felt up by 3rd world airport security guards dozens of times I am pretty much a “F-Metal Hardware on pants” guy now.

The other reason I don’t like plastic zippers is they tend to wear after a while or come off track, so you end up having to walk around with your fly open all day.

But after wearing, washing and abusing the LA Police Gear’s Operator Tactical Pants every day for 7 months here in Iraq the zipper has NOT failed once. In fact they zip up and down just as smoothly as the first day I wore them.

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants
LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

>Anyone who has been deployed or has worked in Iraq will tell you the no.1 threat and true test of clothing here is the KBR laundry. I have had shirts with the logos completely stripped off after 10 washes, pants that went from Coyote Tan to light khaki in 20 washes and large pants that came back small after only one wash.

I don’t know if it is the “harder than diamonds” water they use, the boiling hot washer water in the summer time or the industrial strength laundry detergent but whatever it is the KBR laundry will straight-up destroy clothing.

But after 7 months of 2 to 3 KBR Laundry washings a week [around 60 washings and counting] and sometimes wearing a pair for a week straight 18 hours a day these pants have held up like a mo-fo.

Actually, one of the first thing I noticed about these pants was they don’t fade, even after months of KBR Laundry washings my Coyote Brown Tactical Operator Pants are still pretty much Coyote Brown.

Additionally, they have not come apart at the seams, had any hardware come off or torn or worn through at the ass. Even after all I have put these pants through I fully expect them to last past next year and most likely ever father out beyond.

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants
LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

The one thing I hate the most about 5.11’s is the “Saggy Ass”, you end up walking around looking like you have a load in your pants. The Operator Tactical Pants actually fit like… wait for it… wait for it… Pants.

The belt-line also stops right above your hips where it should, so no more pulling your Tactical pants up past your belly-button like gramps.

Why Tactical Pants designers think just because they slap “Tactical” on a pair of pants gives them free license to make saggy assed ugly pants is beyond me. These actually look good and “normal” enough I have worn them stateside [Yep, at Starbucks baby].

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants
LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

They Don’t Cost More Than A Louis Vutton Purse

Sure there are many good comparable Tactical Pants out on the market these days [including the brand that these are modeled after], but they are fucking expensive.

I have really no idea who sat down one day and decided “Hmmmm… 100 to 400 dollar Tactical Pants is a great idea!” – Tactical Clothing that is more expensive than Egyptian cotton Italian designer brand pants is ridiculous. I mean, who buys this stuff besides Adam Savage?

Seriously, some tactical Pants are so expensive that I see people on forums say they are “saving up” to buy a pair. Really? You save up to buy a gun or Plasma TV – not so you can buy a pair of pants.

Anyway, the LA Police Operator Tactical Pants are less than 20 bucks a pair. Yep, 20 bones for a pair of high quality Tactical Pants that have been field tested and proven by Team DVM in Iraq.

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants
LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants

No matter what you say about these pants the 20 bucks a pair argument will win every time in my book. And on top of being only 20 bucks they are high quality Tactical Pants that won’t make you look like an escapee from the FBI Academy.

The LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants are Team DVM Approved after hard-use field testing in Iraq and the Official Tactical Pants of Death Valley Magazine.

Now go buy a damn pair!

Note: These tend to run 1 size small in the waist so order up a size.

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants 19.95 www.lapolicegear.com


~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and running with scissors. James G. on FACEBOOK