KNIVES: Boker Plus Credit Card Knife Review


I first saw this cool little folder about a year ago, it was made by custom knife maker John Kubasek out of Massachusetts. I thought it was a clever idea but the 175.00 price tag sort of turned me away from picking one up.

So when I was browsing some of my favorite knife retail sites I was surprised to see that Boker had licensed the design from Kubasek for production, and at a wallet friendly price of 19.95. At that price [and considering I had wanted one for quite some time] I went ahead and ordered one up for myself.

I am actually not really familiar with Boker knives outside of seeing them for sale in the PX. But from looking over a few Boker folders that some buddy's of mine here in Iraq have they seem like ok blades, especially considering the price [all the Boker knives in the PX are under 30 bucks].

The Boker Plus Credit Card Knife is a cool little knife that opens by rotating the blade across the handle/liner where it locks into place. When closed, the blade lays on the handle/liner, at first I thought the exposed blade may be unsafe but it fits snug enough as not to expose the sharpened blade.


The handle/liner itself is made of titanium and locks the blade into place just like a liner lock on a folding knife. The blade is 440C Stainless Steel, not the highest end steel but considering the price it works fine with this unique style of knife.

It also has a secure fitting pocket clip that opens the door to tons of different carry options due to the overall light weight of this knife.


The blade is not too sharp when you get it, so you will have to take a few minutes to put a nice edge on it. For a small lightweight neck/hideout knife it is pretty solid, but I am pretty sure that if I were to actually stab someone with it the blade would break off from the handle/liner. So if you use it for self defense I would use it as a slashing and not a stabbing weapon

The Highs:

First of all this sucker is feather weight at 1.1 ounces, you don’t even notice it at all when you carry it. Also, when you remove the pocket clip it is extremely thin, about the width of 2 credit cards making it a perfect hideout knife [it will fit in the small pocket on a pair of jeans or in a wallet easily].


This is not the highest quality knife that you can buy, but like I mentioned above for the price I feel that the quality is fine – if this cost 80 bucks I would have had a problem, but at around 20 bucks I am pretty happy with it.


The Boker Plus Credit Card Knife would probably not be my first choice for a back-up fighting knife, I am thinking it would be more of a last-ditch weapon or E&E tool.

But lately I have been using it as a utility knife [the primary knife I am carrying these days I don’t use for utility cutting], after you give it a good sharpening it makes short work of everyday cutting tasks.

This would also be a good choice for people who cant [or don’t want to] carry large bladed “tactical” looking knives at work. The Boker Plus Credit Card Knife also scores a few points in the “cool” category. Overall it is a cleverly designed knife that has a unique look to it, If you have 20 bucks lying around I would say it is a buy.

Boker Plus Credit Card Knife Around 19.95 Boker Plus Credit Card Knife >>>


~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and playing in traffic. James G. on FACEBOOK