LIGHTS: The SureFire EL2 AA Outdoorsman Review


I have been waiting for SureFire to come out with a AA mini-light for like 10 years, I have never understood why every single so-called “Tactical Flashlight” uses 123A Lithium Batteries. They are expensive and difficult enough to find that you have to actually pack them in your gear for jobs or missions.

And good luck finding batteries in a local store in some 3rd world country, the only place you will find 123A Lithium Batteries in Shitholeanistan will be at a camera shop for a billion dollars each – and that’s if you can even explain to your taxi driver or the store clerk what type of batteries they are if you forget to bring a dead one as an example.

I once spent 5 hours driving all over Phnom Penh, Cambodia looking for a pack of 123A Lithium Batteries only to end up paying 24 bucks for two – after then I stopped carrying lights that use 123A Lithium Batteries when I am in the 3rd world unless I am working on a Military Base.

And even when I am in the 1st world or I am working on or near a Military base overseas I find myself trying not to use my flashlight because I don’t want to wear down the expensive ass batteries – so it sort of even defeats the purpose of even having a light.

So when I found out that SureFire came out with a light that ran on AA Batteries I almost shit myself - I actually had to re-read the description because I thought I was seeing things. Well, it turned out to be true, so I immediately ordered one up over at LA Police Gear and had it shipped to me here in the box.

The SureFire EL2 AA Outdoorsman is made of Mil-Spec Aluminum like you are already familiar with from other SureFire lights; it has a long pocket clip and feels solid as a mo-fo. The light is an LED with a Dual Output tailcap click switch – this is another major sell for me, I totally dislike the SureFire momentary only tailcaps.

(for those that don’t know: With a Click Switch you click the light on like when you click a pen open and the light stays on. With the non-Click Switch flashlight you have to constantly hold down the tailcap to keep the light on – this is also the reason for unexpected dead batteries)

You click it once for low output (3 Lumens – about as bright as a AA mini-maglight) and a second time for High Output (80 Lumens – about as bright as a Three D-Battery MagLight but with a very focused lens). From my testing run time is around 8/6 Hours on High Output and 50/40 Hours on Low Output depending if you use lithium or alkaline batteries.

Some of you may scoff at the 165 dollar price, but if you use your light on a daily basis like I do then in a few months it will pay for itself in the money you save in batteries (just compare the price for 10 AA batteries VS 10 123A Lithium Batteries).

For the folks here that work, live or travel in the 3rd world you can’t put a price on a light of this output and quality that runs off of simple AA batteries that you can buy from any street vendor or Hajji Shop. For me a light is more than just something I use so I don’t trip in the dark – it is a survival tool that my life may depend on someday, so being able to use commonly available AA batteries in my light increases its versatility thereby incensing my survivability.

The SureFire EL2 AA Outdoorsman is also an excellent choice for stateside folks, besides the money you will save on batteries try finding a pack of 123A Lithium Batteries after a natural disaster, if all else fails you can just take the batteries out of the TV remote and you will have light for 40 hours.

The SureFire EL2 AA Outdoorsman is a fantastic and way overdue light from SureFire that I highly recommend to everyone no matter where you live or work - If you carry a flashlight get one of these.

The SureFire EL2 AA Outdoorsman >>> 130+ Bucks


~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and eating sandwiches.