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As someone who is constantly passing through countries for work and play where you can’t own weapons - figuring out how to make a lethal weapon MacGyver style is a must-have skill (especially in countries where anti-American attitudes or street crime is a threat).

Also - knowing a few improvised weapon tricks isn’t just something that is handy for when I am traveling internationally. When I am back in the U.S. hanging out with my buddies in “anti-firearm/knife/pepper-spray/harsh language” Washington D.C. I keep a few common objects on me that I can use as a ditch weapon.

But out of all the different types of improvised weapons the DVD or CD is my favorite Every Day Carry in restrictive 1st World places like D.C. - all you have to do is snap it in half and wrap a handkerchief or piece of paper around it and you have one nasty knife that will slice and dice better than a Ginsu.

Another advantage the broken DVD has is it’s easy to explain if a cop or someone asked me: “Why do you have a broken DVD in your pocket wrapped-up in a handkerchief?” My answer would be: “I accidentally broke it, so I wrapped it in a handkerchief so it wouldn’t get any more scratched up on the way home – hopefully I can ship it to one of those data recovery companies in the back of PC magazine”

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The Safest way to break a DVD in half is to just place it under a towel and quickly bend it in half until it snaps – and for fucks sake do not hold it in front of your face and break it. You may have to do this several times before you get the shape you want so have a stack of your “trip with grandma to Vegas” DVD’s sitting around.

I am assuming you know some basic stabbing and slashing moves, if you don’t, take a seminar or buy a DVD or something so you will have some sort of idea how to use a knife. The broken DVD is best suited for stabs to soft tissue, the groin, stomach and slashes to the face or any exposed skin - avoid stabbing in the chest or anywhere there is heavy clothing.

This is a “hit and run” improvised weapon, meaning it is not suited or study enough for a prolonged fight. So if some dude in Mexico City tries to man-rape you don’t attempt some sort of epic knife-fight with him, just hurt him and run before the DVD breaks.

If you guys have any other good ideas for improvised Every Day Carry weapons that won’t get you arrested for carrying go ahead and make a comment on this article.

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