URBAN SURVIVAL: The Urban E&E Bag Concept is Silly

Jack Bauer E&E Bag
Jack Bauer E&E Bag

The E&E Bag – for all those times a secret agency is trying to assassinate or kidnap you

I have been toying around with writing an E&E Bag article for a wile now but I didn’t really see many people getting any use out of it. I mean, seriously, how many people need a “Jack Bauer” E&E Bag to avoid capture or assassination in an urban environment in the States (or any other 1st world country)?

I can only think of one group who would have the need for an Urban E&E Bag in the 1st world:

- Criminals

That’s it, that’s the only group who would be on the run from armed and skilled people trying to kill or capture them and who would be unable to call the cops for help. Even a guy like myself and some of the other DVM Crew here who work in the security or Intel fields don’t need or use an E&E Bag when we are stateside.

We are all law abiding guys, so if someone is illegally conducting surveillance or trying to kill us we would just dial 911 or a lawyer to get a restraining order. We sure as shit wouldn’t do some sort or “cat and mouse” thing running through the back alleys of the city picking locks to evade some wacko that wants to smoke us.

Think about it, if someone is following you they are a PI, the cops, a crazy person, fired employee, someone you sued, law enforcement, an angry husband or crazy ex-girlfriend. In none of those situations would you ever want to play some sort of James Bond game wile running solo through the city like you work for CTU or something.

Plus if you were trying to avoid a KGB assassination you probably wouldn’t want to run around town with a big ass courier bag stuffed with a transvestite disguise anyway. I also think its odd that if (for whatever reason) some shady organization was hunting you that you would be walking around the streets in the first place.

The honest truth about the urban E&E Bag is you will never be in a situation where a bag full of lockpicks, disguises and guns will come in handy unless you are burglar or the FBI is after you. Spend your money on porn and booze instead.

Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer

My Stateside E&E Kit Contents:

Cell Phone This is used to call the police when someone is following or trying to harm me

Pistol This is used to shoot the person trying to follow or harm me if the cops don’t show up in time

Credit Card To pay for a lawyer when I smoke some guy that tried to shank me because I was banging his girlfriend


~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and shanking fools.