H2H FIGHTING: The Bitch Slap


It is not a proper Bitch Slap unless you talk a little smack wile dispensing the back of the hand

1. To open handedley slap someone. Denote disrespect for the person being bitch slapped as they are not worthy of a man sized punch. ~the urban dictionary

Out of all the moves in the H2H arsenal the Bitch Slap seems to be a somewhat lost fighting technique. I remember the first time I saw the Bitch Slap in action back when I was a kid. One of my buddies Jay was caught shoplifting in the neighborhood pharmacy that was run by an Old School Vietnam vet.

The Old Man snatched his ass up off the ground, reached in his pocket, pulled out some candy and Bitch Slapped Jay with a ‘POP” like I had never heard before. He cried like a red faced baby our whole walk home. Since then I have had the occasional opportunity to throw out a Bitch Slap, and I still say a little “thank you” to the Old Man every time I hear that sweet sounding “POP”.

Now you can’t just use the Bitch Slap on anyone anytime, it is only reserved for those people you wish to humiliate and beat at the same time. Another unique thing about the Bitch Slap is you can only use it if there is an audience present; otherwise the “POP” is wasted on an empty room.

Take this example: When I was living in the Middle East I was having a drink in a hotel bar with some contractor buddies and some local stewardesses. We were having a good time joking around and getting a bit smashed.

But as usual, when the local guys see foreigners surrounded by girls their insecurity alarm goes off like a NY firehouse 4 alarm fire. So in predicable fashion a few local guys (dressed like guidos in tight ass jeans and shirts) came over and started saying things to the girls like “hey, why are you with these Americans, come over to our table."

Obviously the girls didn’t want anything to do with them and told them to shove-off. This of course set off the insecurity alarm level to 8 alarm fire so they started calling the girls hookers and bitches. Not taking any of that we told then to step outside with us, knowing that 6 Americans would stomp their asses they declined wile sill calling the girls sluts.

So one of my buddies knocked out one guy, another tripped wile trying to get away and the other local guys cowered off to a corner. I snatched-up the one that tripped and told him to apologize to the girls, he declined so I Bitch Slapped him a few times in front of everyone until he tearfully apologized.

A situation like the above is the proper time and place to pull out the Bitch Slap on someone.

Public Audience + Insecure Ass-Hole + Disrespecting Women = Bitch Slap in Yo Face!

Batman Bitch Slap
Batman Bitch Slap

FAIL! This is just a slap - not a Bitch Slap. Batman should know better


  • First grab him by the arm or shirt with your weak arm
  • Say something witty like “try not to piss yourself boy”
  • Now (this is the tricky part) push him back with your weak arm, take your open hand and cock it back so it is level with you weak hand side ear, twist your hip towards your weak hand side…
  • Now twist your upper body towards your strong hand side and pull your weak hand toward you (the one holding his arm or shirt) wile swinging your open hand (knuckle side out) towards the guys face
  • “POP”
  • Repeat if necessary

NOTE: Despite the name a Bitch Slap is NOT used for Hitting women, only trailer trash and John-Claude Van Damme beat up women. If you hit women then fuck you.

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~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and dispensing bitch slaps on 4 continents.