URBAN SURVIVAL: Stop Preparing for the Apocalypse and Plan For Next Thursday


Which scenario is more terrifying to you?

So you have 12 months of food stored, an urban garden, 28 pistols and rifles and you take 5 tactical courses a year. If the SHTF you can ether grab your BOB and fight on the move or bunker in at home. Basically you are trained-up and stocked-up for just about any apocalyptic situation that could possibly happen.

But on the other hand…

Your credit record is shit, you have 9K in credit card debt, you have zero cash savings and your car has 130K miles on it. If you lost your job today in 3 months you would be homeless because you only have one marketable skill. You are also so wrapped up in political news you skip over the travel and food sections in the newspaper.

This is the problem with many people in the survival community; they are hot-shit squared away when it comes to being prepared for natural and man-made disasters. But when it comes to practical daily living they are a bigger train wreck than their neighbors who only have 4 days of food in their houses.

Below I have listed a few practical things that the Urban Survivalist should add to their “survival toolkit”.



Grab a pen and a piece of paper.

Now take every bill you have that is financing something (credit cards, lines of credit, car payments, house payments, ect) and put them in one pile. Then take your car and house payment/rental bills and put them in another pile.

Add up the total amount you have to pay for your monthly credit debt and then your home and car. Write down the monthly total for each separately.

Then take all of your monthly bills (water, power, electric, cable, internet, ect) for the past 3 months and put them in another pile. Add them all together, then divide by 3, write that amount down.

So written down on a piece of paper you now have:

Monthly Credit bills: $$$ Monthly Home and car bill: $$$ Monthly utility bills: $$$

Next write down how much you make every month after taxes.

Deduct the monthly Credit bills, Home and car bill and utility bills.

Take the remaining amount and split it in 3.

Out of the 3; 1/3 is now your monthly food and grocery budget, 1/3 is now your monthly entertainment budget.

Take the remaining 1/3 and split it in half

Use ½ for paying down your credit card bills every month (split evenly between all)

The remaining ½ goes into a savings account that you never touch except in a financial emergency. When this amount reaches 6 months of your monthly expenses plus 1K you can use the extra for a splurge purchase or vacation every 6 months (but don’t touch the extra between the 6 month periods).

Also if you get a raise do not change your budget, continue to live exactly the same way wile putting the extra amount you make into your savings fund. Six months after your raise you can adjust your plan to your new monthly salary.

If you come into some cash (like you win 1K from a scratch and win you shouldn’t have bought anyway) blow half and put the other half into your savings.

In two years you will have taken out a good chunk out of your credit debt (if not all of it) and have a nice little nest egg in the bank. Additionally after paying your bills every month for 2 years your credit will be in pretty good shape so you can now refinance you large debts (house) with a lower APR.

This is a simple way to get your finances and debt under control wile putting some cash aside for emergencies in a relativity short amount of time just in case the bird flu doesn’t turn your neighbors into zombies.

Do not deviate from this plan - period, not even one month because your buddy was selling a brand new Glock for 300 bucks.

If you have any questions about this please ask in the comments.

Job Skill
Job Skill


If you only have one job skill that means when/if you get laid-off, fired or whatever you only have one option. Just like in Urban Survivalism you learn how to shoot with a rifle and a pistol, you should learn how to work in a different job skill also.

The easiest way to gain a new job skill is to learn a skill in a semi-related job (to your current profession) that you can learn where you currently work. Like if you are a car mechanic, then learn how to paint cars – if you are in security then get your EMT cert. same goes for white collar jobs, if you are a database admin, learn IT security – if you are an accountant, learn forensic accounting.

Now if you get laid off or you take some time off to take care of your mom you can re-enter the job market from 2 sides.

smell the roses
smell the roses


Stop getting you panties in a wad every time you read about Obama/Bush/Santa Claus, if you read the paper then read the food section along with the political section. If you watch political commentary news 2 hours a day then cut it down to 1 ½ hours and watch the food channel for 30 minutes.

The same goes for your tactical hobbies, for every 3 shooter courses or new pieces of 1000D gear you buy, buy something fun like a cookbook or take a cooking lesson. Don’t be one of those guys that knows all things tactical or survival related but its completely boring otherwise.


In Conclusion…

So now when the Zombie Hoard comes down your street you will not only be able to blast them with your M-4 – you will be debt free, have a AAA credit rating, something to talk about with your buddies in the foxhole other than “how great the new M-427 pistol is” and have 2 job options after the Zombie threat has been eliminated

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~James G Founder - Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns and writing poorly written articles.