A3 Group's Intelligence Analysts can produce high quality intelligence packages and country profiles, even at short notice. Our packages and profiles are compiled using a mixture of open source intelligence, geospatial intelligence and our subject matter expert contacts.

Ensure your teams and personnel have the best and latest information before they enter a situation. We develop situation specific risk profiles and operational planning to give the leadership of your strategic initiatives a strong competitive advantage in developing markets.


We produce exhaustive documents that cover everything from local customs and expat friendly locations to current crime situations, media freedom, corruption, traumatic medical capabilities, transportation, and even what electrical plug adapter to bring, to group specific intelligence packages.


In the places your company and employees operate, it can be hard to find reliable directions, especially during times of unexpended events. What was once a safe path of travel, can suddenly lead in to valuable time lost, or worse, an ambush. With our Geospatial Mapping
Services, you don't need to rely on outdated or non-existent maps. 

Using similar map software to the US military, A3 Group is able to produce bespoke colour maps in any scale you desire. We can electronically send maps in a range of formats such as .PDF, .PNG and .JPG so you can print them off at your leisure or read them from a smart phone or tablet. Our TOC has done exactly this for mission teams who needed exact neighbourhoods mapped immediately.

Whether it's a major city or the middle of nowhere, our Geospatial Mapping Services team can find it, map it and send it whenever you need it, however you want it.


A3 has also provided documents on individual organizations, terror and criminal groups, and materials to mission teams so that they have peace of mind dealing with state and non-state actors.

Selected examples of Country Profiles and Intelligence Packages we have provided to International Corporations, NGO’s, and Security Teams.

  • Iraq Kurdistan: General Country Profile
  • Erbil, Iraq Kurdistan: City Specific Profile 
  • Honduras: General Country Profile 
  • San Pedro Sula, Honduras: City Specific Profile 
  • Ghana, Africa: General Country Profile  
  • Bangkok, Thailand: City Specific Profile 
  • Washington DC: City Specific Profile 
  • Mosul Dam (Iraq): Current Situation Report 
  • Middle East and Central America: Terror Group and Criminal Cartel Profiles  
  • Middle East and Central America: NGO Centric General and City Specific Country Profiles